Customer Portal for SAP Business One(TM): Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Your Online Portal

September 25, 2011

Customer Portal for SAP Business One: rediPortal

Companies that deliver exceptional customer service outperform their competition. Customer satisfaction with regards to customer service is directly tied to the bottom line of successful companies. If your company is having difficulties delivering top-notch customer service, you can rest assured that this is negatively affecting your company’s profits. 


It is common for firms that are seeking to improve their customer service to consult the industry’s best practices. According to a report published by the Aberdeen Group, 91% of the best-in-class companies in North America provide customers the ability to track issues over the web. For company’s that operate SAP Business One, there is an efficient and affordable solution to customer services problems. Here are the top five reasons that your company should consider an SAP Business One customer portal:


1.  Basic customer information exists within your SAP Business One solution. Information such as customer orders, delivery status, payment history, and more can all be shared with your customers around the clock. With seamless integration between your SAP Business One database and an online SAP Business One customer portal, your customers are able to access real-time data without requiring anything from your customer service department.


2.  Improve productivity for your customer service staff by eliminating routine customer inquiries.  When your customers can go online to view open orders, track shipments, and research open and closed invoices your staff will have more time to be productive in other areas.


3.  Provide your customers with secured access to important business transaction data.  Through a personalized log-in to an SAP Business One customer portal, your customers can view only the information that is relevant to their accounts, and their orders.


4.  Begin moving towards eCommerce without investing in a new website or expensive shopping cart. An SAP Business One customer portal can include an electronic order pad that enables customers to create a sales order either from a list of frequently purchased items or allow customers to order any regular sales item.


5.  Exceed you customers’ expectations by sending automatic order confirmations, and providing your customers with the ability to easily search an SAP Business One customer portal to quickly find the required information.


Your company cannot afford to fall behind the competition in customer service. An SAP Business One customer portal is a simple solution to your company’s customer service problems.


For more information about rediPortal, a customer portal for SAP Business One, please email or call 408.512.2450.  You can also view our website at  


by Suda Sampath, VP of Enterprise Solutions, IndyDutch Solutions

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