SAP Business One(TM) Implementation Program Complete with Free System Audit for Existing SAP Business One Users.

February 28, 2012

IndyDutch Solutions

IndyDutch Solutions is currently offering special fixed-rate SAP Business One consulting services, including system evaluation, system implementation, system optimization, technical support, add-on integration, and a free system audit for existing SAP Business One users.


IndyDutch Solutions, an SAP Business One consulting and software development organization, has been working with SAP Business One since the solution was launched years ago. IndyDutch Solutions is currently running a Spring special, offering top notch, fixed rate consulting services during the months of March, April, and May for all users who contact IndyDutch Solutions at*. The consultants at IndyDutch Solutions offer years of software implementation and optimization experience, helping small businesses streamline business processes through SAP Business One.


IndyDutch Solutions has acknowledged that the Spring season is a time of rebirth and growth for many small businesses, especially in the IT department. Maximizing the capabilities of enterprise software is a great way to start the Spring season. Whether a company is looking to evaluate their enterprise software, upgrade to a new enterprise solution, or maximize the capabilities of their current enterprise solution, IndyDutch Solutions is able to help. IndyDutch Solutions is well-known in the SAP Business One community for their software implementations, work flow optimizations, add-on solutions, and customer support.


IndyDutch Solutions-Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every customer of IndyDutch Solutions is a referenceable customer. IndyDutch consistently exceeds customer expectations, which is why so many customers are switching from other SAP Business One partners to IndyDutch Solutions. IndyDutch Solutions handles each customer individually, identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practice solutions. IndyDutch will not sell products or services to customers unless they are certain those products or services will provide tangible value for their customers in the long run.


IndyDutch Solutions-Worldwide Consulting

IndyDutch Solutions currently has customers running SAP Business One in several countries on multiple continents. IndyDutch has truly embraced SAP Business One as a worldwide solution, providing their services and add-on solutions all around the globe.


IndyDutch Solutions-Add-Ons for SAP Business One

IndyDutch Solutions currently offers four robust add-on solutions for SAP Business One. rediPortal(a customer portal solution), rediSell(an eCommerce solution), rediSend(a document delivery solution), and b1Desktop (a remote order entry solution). All these add-on solutions are rich with features that maximize the value of SAP Business One, increasing revenue while saving companies time and money. All solutions are exclusively implemented by the capable IndyDutch team, and integrate 100% with SAP Business One. (The four solutions are listed in blue to show that we will make the solution titles into hyperlinks for each individual website).


*The “Spring special” is exclusively for new customers who contact IndyDutch Solutions through their website at


About IndyDutch Solutions

IndyDutch Solutions improves and expedites small business processes by specializing in software consulting and software development for SAP Business One. The IndyDutch Solutions team has been working with SAP Business One since the time SAP Business One was launched. IndyDutch specializes in SAP Business One implementation and optimization, offers several SAP Business One Add-on solutions, and is well-known for their honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering value in the SAP Business One customer community.

SAP Business One™ is a trademark of SAP AG. IndyDutch Solutions and IndyDutch products are not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP AG.

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